Karolien van Mensvoort

Karolien van Mensvoort (1965) graduated in 1990 from the Fashion Department of the Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. Subsequently she worked as a freelancer for many different Dutch fashion companies as fashion designer, print designer, technical draftsman and illustrator.

Parallel to this work Karolien designed prints for wallpaper and interior design and created an impressive amount of prints. She loves the exactness of digital prints and artworks. To complement this computer work she started experimenting with knitting, weaving and spinning. Now she could feel what she was making. Sometimes the ‘digital’ and the ‘handmade’ merge.

Apart from her commercial assignments, Karolien has a passion for making works fully based on her personal taste and insight; working intuitively, following her free will. Nothing is planned, it is given while doing. Her creations are not meant to be a collection structured by seasons or trends, neither does she focus on a specific age, culture or gender.

Since 2012 Karolien has dedicated herself to making her own collection of tapestries, plaids and cushions handmade as well as in small industrial series. Together with her printed shawls and digital artworks she shows her very own style in colour, structure and composition.