Johan Stahl

Some of Johan’s earliest memories as a young boy revolve around his captivation and obsession with cinema. Not content to simply being a spectator to this magical medium, Johan began writing and filming his own versions of classic cinema themes and comedy sketches. Johan’s first commercial was a worldwide TV & Cinema campaign for the fashion brand ”Jack & Jones”. It was shot in Los Angeles in one nineteen-hour shoot day, which to Johan felt like a day spent in heaven.

Johan comes from 8 years in the television business directing, writing, shooting and producing some of the most successful award-winning comedy shows and documentaries for The Danish Broadcasting.

The years spent at the Danish Broadcasting made Johan a one-man army. He directed, filmed and produced music videos and segments for a variety of different shows e.g ”The Boys From Angora” – one of the most successful and multi award winning comedy show in the history of Danish Broadcasting.

Johan was D.O.P on two multi award winning documentaries ”THE RED CHAPEL” which was shot in the world’s most tyrannical dictatorship, North Korea. (World Cinema Jury Prize, Documentary 2010 Sundance, Best Nordic Documentary, Best of the Fest IDFA 2009) and ”THE AMBASSADOR”.
An exposé on the vast web of corrupt diplomats that screened at Sundance 2012, was the IDFA opening film 2012 and won a Robert Award (the Danish Oscars) for Best Feature Lengh Documentary.

Johan is a skilled visual storyteller and continues to prove himself as a filmmaker that balances disarming humanity and razor-sharp technique with the ability to naturally tell fun fast paced emotional stories.