Anouk Brusse

In Anouk Brusse’s paintings, transcience is an all-important theme. Her latest oil paintings take inspiration from a diverse range of seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish masters, as well as 19th century portraitphotography. By using many layers of oilpaint and a diversity of techniques, Anouk gives a contemporary and visceral view on the fleetingness of human existence.


Anouk (1972) graduated from the University of Amsterdam with an MA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Cultural Studies. She has frequently exhibited in galleries in the Netherlands, but also in Barcelona, Paris and Poland. Her work can be found in international private collections, including collections in New Jersey (USA), Paris, Zurich, Berlin and Madrid.


“La Penseuse”, 80 x 60 cm, olieverf op canvas
‘’Tenderly’’, 50 x 60 cm, olieverf op papier
‘’History I’’, 50 x 65 cm, olieverf op papier