Colin Huijser

When Colin was a kid he actually wanted to become a comic book artist. He loves to draw and make up little, silly stories. In high school Colin really got into movies, and when we had to make a short film for French class (of all classes…) he immediately fell in love with the process. The film was total rubbish of course, but Colin knew making movies was something he wanted to do. And to this day that feeling has only grown stronger.

After working his way up to become a professional cameraman, shooting concerts, theatre productions and sport events for the back then the legendary Cinevideogroup, Colin came to the conclusion it wasn’t film…

So Colin applied for the Dutch Film Academy and got accepted and studied Directing. There he truly found his calling. He knew for sure he never wanted to do anything else for the rest of his life. After graduating Colin was fortunate enough to realize a bunch of great commercials. Colin is currently trying to expand his horizon with more narrative projects, and working hard at developing his own TV show!