Jorrit Stollman

I have a fascination for the things the naked eye can’t catch. Whether it is Motion Control Robotics, high speed, extreme macro, visual FX, live action and even miniatures, I always want to bring together high level technical applications with a lot of imagination and fantasy to create films that are tactile, that turn the two dimensional surface of the screen into much more than that.


Tabletop filmmaking and food films are about shapes, colors, textures but they should never come without a soul. It’s not just about making your vision reality. It’s about giving it a new magnitude.


What’s next? Always more R&D, reinventing myself is the golden thread of my career from running an animation studio, a production company or even studying microbiology. 
Sensorial contrast are keys in my work, they need not only be about food or appliances. On my free time, I explore all sorts of elements and cinematic techniques in my own studio which could be the base for a whole new kind of narratives. Something fueled by art, style and a keen eye for extreme precision.


The peace of nature is my home, I’m a passionate gardener, the father of three and a lucky husband. Based in the Netherlands, working across the globe.