Ted Alkemade

Amsterdam based director Ted Alkemade (1990) focusses strongly on making films with an human approach. His background in making award winning mid and feature length documentaries for Cinema, TV, VOD and online makes him always looking for urgency in any story he works on. He puts a lot energy into the – often real – people in front of the camera which also reflects on his commercial work too.


What started as a youngster making skate films quickly turned into him writing scripts and working with theater actors. Ted got widely skilled by wanting to get involved in every step of the proces. He likes to do a lot of the research, what sometimes includes going incognito to find and cast people for his films. But you will also find him being hands on as an editor. He knows how to think ahead in the editing on set, which is reflected in a right sense of timing to always keep it fresh.


Ted believes, whether working on fictional or documentary projects, that a safe environment must be created for the people exposing them selfs to the camera. Only the best performances awaken when the director is in the ability to create a relationship of trust. A place where personality comes before technology.


He worked for international agencies such as: WundermanThompson, DDB, TWBA, Ogilvy, MediaMonks. For clients such as: Heineken, Nestlé, Harman/Kardon, McDonald’s, and more.